Welcome to my world.


Will M. Chang is an actor in NYC, best known for his work as the charming guy-next-door, bad-ass, or martial artist. Born and raised in Queens, he began his career in business, but quickly caught the acting bug with influence from his brother (NYC actor) and mother (stage actor in Beijing,China). He aims to crush the stereotypes of how Asians are portrayed in the media.
His recent TV credits include a guest-star on Marvel’s IronFist S2 (Netflix), and co-star on Manifest (NBC) and Bull (CBS). He plays Milo in the upcoming thriller feature Stepdaughter (2019), alongside Claire Coffee (The Grimm) and Matt Dallas (Kyle XY). He also wrote/directed/acted in Mount Treacherous (2017), which won silver at Spotlight Horror Film Festival.
You can find him in the gym most of the time, as he prepares for the day he plays a superhero in a big budget film. You can also find him doing improv at Upright Citizens Brigade (NY).
Quote he lives by: “I am an actor by profession, a martial artist by choice, and an artist of
life.” – Bruce Lee
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